Stop leaving these 4 key expenses out of your content marketing budget

Stop leaving these 4 key expenses out of your content marketing budget

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail within the first 18 months, and Forbes says that the top 3 reasons those businesses fail have to do with marketing. So, how do you find buyers for that innovative product you created? Or, how can you attract more attention to your existing business?

Unless you’re selling on Etsy, you won’t do it by cobbling together a 1-page website and making homemade fliers. Everyone wants to save money, but being stingy doesn’t make any friends, especially not with your content marketing budget. How can you maximize your resources?

Add these four key expenses to your content marketing budget and send your product popularity soaring!

1. Find your niche with market research

You wouldn’t fly overseas without checking the passport and visa requirements, would you? Likewise, you shouldn’t start marketing your product without first researching the market. Even major names have had a stumble or two in this area. Twitter started as a place for people to share podcasts, but Apple came out with the Podcast app at the same time. How did the Twitter creators find their niche? They did their research and kept an eye on the trends. Market research gave Twitter its true home at the center of the social media-verse.

Market research is an integral part of your budget. Market researchers, who know the market well, can identify your target market. They perform buyer persona interviews and use analytical data to discover your ideal client. He may be a single guy in his mid-40's named Phillip, who loves to hike, hates shellfish, and needs your product. He just doesn’t know it yet.

With market research in the budget, you will set a solid foundation for success.

2. Build confidence with a polished web presence

Everyone has a place to stay on vacation, whether it’s a hotel, hostel, or your great uncle’s cabin in the woods. Shouldn't your business have an Internet home? Beyond having a presence, your website needs to look professional to build confidence. Studies show that it takes less than 1 second to form a first impression of a website. Your site must impress your credibility and vision on visitors as soon as they load your home page.

Many businesses try DIY websites, but design matters. What can a talented web designer do for your business?

  • Talented designers analyze your online goals and structure your website to reach them.
  • They perform usability studies to ensure customers can find the products you offer.
  • They pinpoint the colors, fonts, and even spacing needed to attract buyers.
  • With e-commerce hacking on the rise, they protect you and your client's data.

Website design is one expense you don’t want to skimp on in the budget.

3. Develop loyalty with content writing

Baby rubber ducks loyally following a big rubber duck

Location is not the only factor. Vacationers want to have an experience and so do your customers! What does your website offer beyond a handsome logo and 20 pictures of your fabulous product? Create interest to keep people coming back to your page. This year, 61% of marketing leaders are investing in content creation. They know that keeping readers interested requires a talented writer.

What can content writers do for your business?

  • Content writers develop a clear brand voice for your business.
  • They research what your audience should learn about your product.
  • They use storytelling skills to form an emotional bond between buyers and products.
  • They optimize online search results to bring more traffic to your website.

As a bonus, budgeting for a content writer will free up your valuable time to expand your business and vacation horizons.

4. Connect with customers on social media

When you're on vacation, everyone takes selfies. Why? Because 77% of Americans have a social media profile. Connect with them using social media's exciting marketing options, such as paid advertising, geofilters, and endorsements.

Facebook and Instagram allow you to pay a small price to reach thousands of people. Directly input your target market’s age, gender, location, interests, and more. Snapchat and Facebook offer location-based advertising using geofilters. These show ads to users who are within a certain distance of your company’s physical location.

With social media's ability to draw more people to your website, it is a must-have in the content marketing budget.

Plan to get the most from your budget

You plan a vacation, so plan your content marketing budget as well. Improve your budget and your company’s future by adding these four key expenses.

  1. Market researchers can reliably identify your target market.
  2. Web designers can polish and promote your online presence.
  3. Content writers can form lasting bonds between you and your clients.
  4. Social media can connect you to potential customers in your area.

Get the most out of your content marketing budget and start your product on the path to popularity.

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