The secret weapon of lead acquisition

The secret weapon of lead acquisition

Running a successful advertising campaign is difficult. Even if when using an advertising medium reaches your target market, you still need them to bite. It’s a little like fishing; even if you know all the spots, you’re wasting your time without the right bait.

What's a lead magnet? It’s an incentive for potential clients to give you their information. It turns them into a lead. You might think it's no different than advertising. But, even clients that connect with your message aren’t always in a position to buy, perhaps due to timing or financial constraints. A lead magnet allows you to collect potential client contact information. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to send them the promised bait and follow up with them later.

Also, consider that clients make purchasing decisions for a variety of reasons. Two of these reasons are the trust they have in your abilities and your position among similar businesses. A lead magnet can help you improve both at the same time. To do this effectively, you want to give the client information that establishes you as an expert in your field. Brainstorm problems potential clients would have and strive to solve them in your lead magnet. The goal is to balance giving them valuable advice without making them feel like they don’t need you anymore.

I’ll use The Content Reactor as an example. If I promised an article titled “5 steps that will help anyone write great copy,” it might encourage my readers to write their own content despite the benefits of hiring a professional. Instead, I might offer “5 SEO tricks to help you get noticed today.” What’s the difference? Writing the second example still provides your audience with relevant information that shows your expertise, but you don’t encourage them to do your job.

As a business owner, it’s important to build long-term relationships. These relationships keep you first and foremost in your client's mind, which gets you work and referrals. Imagine your plumber sends you an article showing you how to save 50% on your water bill. The next time a friend needs plumbing work, you’ll probably be excited to recommend that plumber.

The power of the lead magnet is clear. It builds long-term business relationships so you can get recurring sales. Content marketing with a smart lead magnet will help you get there.