Painful blog posts bring in leads (I am not a Sith)

Painful blog posts bring in leads (I am not a Sith)

The one thing that Sith Lords and marketers have in common is a love of pain. In fact, every great inbound marketing campaign is built around pain. Why is that?

People are most willing to buy a product or service when it directly solves a problem they’re facing. To solve these problems, they search for the problem they’re dealing with and not the benefit. For example, they don’t search for “how to be thin”; instead, they search for “how to lose weight.” They search for the pain.

To turn these prospects into leads, you need to find ways to address and solve their pain. Blog posts are an easy way to do this since they’re short, purpose-built pieces of content that can be written and posted quickly. Let’s look at how you can incorporate pain points into them.

Finding your prospects’ pain

The first step in addressing your prospects’ pain is figuring out where it hurts. Here are a few of my favorite ways to figure out where your prospects’ are hurting.

  1. Buyer personas: These semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer are an excellent tool for your marketing. Creating them carries the added benefit of letting you interview actual customers and understanding their challenges. Ask questions about the specific problems that these challenges cause to help you understand their pain points.
  2. Net Promoter Score: Many companies have started using Net Promoter Scores to gauge overall satisfaction with their service. Looking at comments from negative user ratings will help you identify their pain points. Your current solution might solve that pain in some cases, and you can highlight it further in your content.
  3. Talk with sales: Your sales team deals with customer pain points every day. Ask them about the most frequent complaints they hear from customers.

These three methods will give you a wealth of information on your customers and the solutions they’re searching for. Use these as opportunities to spark conversations with prospects, and you’ll experience a boost in leads.

Helpful content and painkillers

For your content to effectively solve your prospects’ problems, you need to cover the entire breadth of a topic. Doing this requires you to follow a few simple steps:

  1. List all of the pain points your prospects are dealing with.
  2. Organize them into main pains and sub-pains.
  3. Turn your main pains into longer, more detailed blog posts (pillar pages).
  4. Turn the sub-pains into shorter posts (under 600 words) and link back to your pillar page.
  5. Add a relevant call-to-action at the bottom of every post, and make sure it explains how your offer solves the prospects’ problems.

Following these steps will help you create blog posts that are relevant to what your ideal customers are searching for. When they read your post, they’ll see that you understand their pain and can provide a valuable solution. This quickly builds trust and will make them want to contact you.

Give free, get leads

If you aren’t getting enough leads, then you need to create content that will attract the right prospects. This content can help you rank higher on Google for keywords that will drive traffic to your site. When visitors get free value from you, they’ll like your company more and want to learn more. There’s no excuse not to use your blog to bring in leads.

The biggest challenge is your time

The biggest challenge to overcome is your own schedule. Blogging regularly is hard, especially if you don’t enjoy writing. To solve this challenge, The Content Reactor will do the research for you, write meaningful blog posts, and fuse them into your sales funnel so that you get more leads.

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